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“Restricted” is a Guideline

The next morning, I slept in a little later than I normally do, but still got up early according to Cruise Standards. I took my time getting dressed and wandered off to the buffet for breakfast. My metabolism was always pretty fast, but ever since my First Change, I swear I’m always hungry. I eat a lot more meat now, too.

I got a strawberry crepe for good measure, to go with my pile of bacon. I got some strange looks, but whatever. Bacon is amazing.

After breakfast I decided to start gathering some intel on the non-public sections of the ship. I knew that level 3 was where I really needed to be, but I wanted to sort out the crew only areas, while I was at it.

On my way down, I decided to see what was outside the elevator on Floor 3, so I hit the button. I was promptly greeted by two security guards, and could see two more posted at the other elevator. Overkill, much? Before they could say anything, I grinned and said, “Whoops, wrong floor” and pushed the Close button.

The crew areas were nothing special, and nobody noticed me creeping around. Either I’m really stealthy or they’re really oblivious. Probably both. As I was passing the crew lounge area, I overheard a couple crew workers talking. One was complaining about people on the ship. I was about to leave, when they changed the topic to Floor 3.

“Don’t you think it’s really weird that it’s always ‘under renovation’ and that nobody is allowed there? What’s with all the security?”

The other guy told him to mind his own business unless he wanted to get in trouble, that they should just leave well enough alone.

I found a crew member elevator at the end of the hall. Maybe this wouldn’t be as heavily guarded on the third floor.. I stepped in and pushed the button, then realizes that the elevator required a key to go anywhere. No problem.

I stuck my hand in my pocket and pulled out a small, vintage brass key. I whispered to the key and stuck it in the keyhole. The key reformed itself to fit the lock, and I pressed the button for Level 3.

Sticking the key back in my pocket, I stepped right up to the door, and willed my Spirit half to conceal me. When the doors opened, I was face to face with a Security guard, who looked right through me. So much for that plan.

I was debating my next course of action, when there was a scream, a roar, and a slew of gunshots from down the hall. The security guards took off running in that direction, and I stepped out of the elevator. There was more gunshots, and another scream.

“What the hell IS it?!”

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