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Mistaken Identity

Few things elicit a panic response from me. Mortals are a scared bunch, and just because they had their panties in a twist didn’t mean I needed to freak out… at least, not without some facts.

I looked down the hall way to make sure nobody was coming, and called to my body to give me a better sense of smell. My nose stretched out to more of a muzzle,  and I was bombarded with smells.

The first two, I had picked out with my human nose: human terror, and gun powder. Never let anybody tell you that fear doesn’t have a smell. With my enhanced sense of smell, I could pick up the scent of many vampires, though most of their scents were old. There were two fresh ones, and I knew I’d be able to trace their scents later if I needed to. I could also smell death, that sick smell of decayed human.

Then I caught another scent, and given the circumstances, one that did elicit something of a panic attack. I shifted to my large wolf form and prepared to run like hell, because there was another werewolf here, and I had no way of knowing if he was a friend or not.

I crept up to the corner and poked my head around to see what I could see without being spotted. The scene in front of me was a little amazing, to be honest. The door to one of the steel-fortified Vampire rooms had been ripped off, including the steel fortification. I guessed it was the work of the werewolf, and shuddered to think how strong he must be. There was a body that was days decayed, and a man torn clean in half. Security was befundled by what had happened. There was no sign of the other werewolf. I was about to leave, when someone spotted me.

“There’s another one! Kill it!” someone yelled, and tried to shoot me. Terrified humans have terrible aim, and the hail of bullets that went by all missed me. A second wave of guards was coming, and I was mostly surrounded. One of them managed to get a shot on me, but I shrugged it off and ran to tackle the one that smelled partially like a vampire. I’d heard of ghouls before; if anybody was going to be a problem, it’d be him. I managed to knock him off his feet, but didn’t have the traction I needed and ran into the wall.He got up and kicked me.  Ouch. He turned to look at the other guards.

“Where are the silver bullets?” he spat.

Oh shit.

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