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IX: “20” Questions

How old are you?
Embraced in early 20s.. time has become kind of fuzzy. It’s a long story, I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve been a vampire for roughly 3 years.

Physical Description – Height, Weight, physique :
About 5’6. 135lbs, combination of curvy and toned. Muscles are defined, but not big. Green eyes. Shaggy purple hair. Short enough to not get in my eyes, long enough to still be girly. Couple of piercings and one tattoo.

Where were you born?
Denver, CO

Do your parents still live?
*shrug* Probably? They were alive when I left home at 18. I kind of disappeared, so they may or may not be looking for me still.

Does your Sire live? If so, last known location/position?
I can’t feel the bond anymore, so as far as I know, he’s dead. If not, the day I find him, he will be. The last I knew of him was back at the training location, but I don’t know if they found him or not.

That I know of, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, spread out here and there. My parents weren’t exactly faithful, nor full of any kind of sense.

How close are you to any still living family members?
Haven’t spoken to any of them in years.

How do they feel about your choice of employment?
Judge not lest ye be judged, not that they know about it. But if they did…


Ever been out of the country?

Personal beliefs, such as Destiny, God, Animal Spirits?
If there is a God, he’s something of an asshole. If there’s Fate, she’s also an asshole. Really, I’m inclined to just think that things happen because people make them happen.

Scars, distinguishing marks?
2 inch scar across left cheek, somewhat faded but still noticeable. A few significantly lighter, smaller scars on arms and torso. Tattoo of IX on inner right wrist, which is an identifying mark from training.

Are you selective of your feeding choice, do you prey upon a caste or class of people?
I try to maintain a bit of standard, but ultimately, if circumstances are not ideal, my only requirement is “doesn’t look like it’ll kill me”.

How do you see yourself? (Righteous Vindicator, Informant, etc.)
A constant evolution of who I was.

What motivates you at this moment in your life?
Money is a pleasant side effect of what I do. Mostly I do it because I’m good at it, and I like to do things I’m good at. Also, ever since that first fight, I get antsy if I don’t get a good fight in every now and then. I think I was broken somewhere along the way… Finding answers is my personal side project.

What do you want? (Life-Goal)
I want to know what happened to me, and why. I want to find who was involved, and what it was, because it had to have been bigger than what I saw. I’m missing some key detail.

Personal Short-Term objectives?
I’ve got these skills, I might as well use them! Being a vampire has some perks, I want to take advantage of them.

Dress: Day to Day
Clothes is usually comfortable and somewhat utilitarian. Skinny jeans that are not going to get caught in anything, tank tops that won’t get in the way, things that can be layered if it’s hot/cold. Almost always wearing high-top Converse if I’m not expecting to have to pull a knife out of my shoe. It’s a very “street” fashion. Sometimes I even accessorize.

I feel most at home in dive bars and blend mostly in, save for that I don’t wear trucker hats and I have all my teeth. There’s always one weapon tucked away somewhere on my person, though. Someone like me doesn’t really make a lot of friends. I like to be prepared!

When necessary, though, I can clean up pretty well. High heels and dresses are not totally foreign to me. Some would argue that my hair clashes with formal wear, though.

The daily jewelery is a very expensive engagement ring with a custom fit matching wedding band (which is always an interesting conversation when certain people notice them, since I only remove them when I’m actually going in to do a job), a silver necklace with an old fashioned key on it, and a black ribbon bracelet.

Dress: On the Job
Custom fit jump-suit type thing. Very flexible, easy to move in. Doesn’t squeak or flap or get caught in things. Knife hilt on left thigh, gun holster on waist. Emergency blade in combat boot. Might wear a skull cap if I’m concerned about my hair being noticed somehow. Leave all my jewelry at “home” when actually on duty.

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