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Flick: “20” Questions

How old are you?
22. Went to college right out of high school and I’m one of those kids that actually got my 4 year degree in 4 years.

Where were you born?
Colorado Springs, CO

Do your parents still live?
Define “live”… Dad has mentally checked out and Mom disappeared. I think she lives but I could be wrong.

Only child

How close are you to any still living family members?
Not very. I tried to visit Dad a few times but that was difficult and didn’t go anywhere. I speak with some of my cousins every now and then.

How do they feel about your choice of employment?
Mom would be happy with my choice of focus, though she’d probably be egging me on to not stay stuck in the museum for too long. Dad doesn’t notice.

Half Argentinian, Half Mexican.

Ever been out of the country?
Spent some time in South America when I was very young, visited Mexico a few times.

Personal beliefs, such as Destiny, God, Animal Spirits?
My beliefs get tested on a regular basis. I was raised with a very traditional Hispanic-Catholic upbringing, but as I grew older, I came to realize that there was much more than just God in the equation, especially now. I believe that we are fated to be in certain situations, but I don’t believe that we are just following a path – we can change our “destinies” through our actions.

Scars, distinguishing marks?
Some small birthmarks but nothing really obvious.

Do you drink? How frequently?
Casually. If I am out at a bar, I will have a few drinks. If I’m at home.. it was a bad day if I’m drinking at home and not hosting a party.

Recreational Drugs?
It’s a bit of a non-issue.. they never really came up so I never did any. I don’t see any reason to go out of my way to find some.

How do you see yourself? (Righteous Vindicator, Informant, etc.)
Observer. I watch, process, learn, and make informed decisions whenever possible.

What do you want? (Life-Goal)
I want to know and understand as much as I can. If I can use that knowledge to help people, even better.

Personal Short-Term objectives?
I think right now I’m good with “not dying”.

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