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Jericho: “20” Questions

How old are you?
26, and it sucks.

Where were you born?
On an American military base in Japan. I have a dual citizenship, both America and Japan love me.

Do your parents still live?
Yes, they have a lovely little house in Florida. Crazy retired people…

A sister and two brothers; I’m second oldest. My sister Mia is 31, and my brothers Dominic and Hayden are twins, they just turned 24.

How close are you to any still living family members?
I don’t really have time to be especially close to anybody anymore, and most of my extended family thinks I’m pretty weird anyway. Then there’s the ones that just want money or status from me.. no thanks. My parents are alright though, and Dominic and I have always gotten along really well.

How do they feel about your choice of employment?
Mom wishes that I was closer to her (though she understands the wanderlust I have, since we never really settled anywhere for very long). Dad thinks it’s great that I’m doing something that makes me happy. Mia thinks my band is ridiculous, Hayden thinks I sold out, and Dominic thinks it’s totally rad.

European Mutt.

Ever been out of the country?
Yes, I’ve traveled the world, both with my family growing up, and with my band.

Personal beliefs, such as Destiny, God, Animal Spirits?
I believe there’s a lot we don’t understand. I believe that no single religion or organization has it completely right. I am a firm believer that what goes around, comes around, and that if we all strive to be what we are, everything else will work itself out. Most importantly, I know that us humans are not as amazing as we like to think we are.

Scars, distinguishing marks?
A faint, but long scar across left shoulder blade from a childhood accident involving a tree, Hayden, and a broken glass. A few tattoos, ranging from the palm tree on my right forearm to the treble and bass clefs behind my ears.

Do you drink? How frequently?
Not often. I don’t care for the hangover headache that always follows a few drinks, no matter how much water I drink along with them.

Recreational Drugs?
I’ve dabbled in some of the lighter ones, but I see and hear enough weird shit on a regular basis, I don’t think my mind really needs the help to “transcend”. Nothing serious.

How do you see yourself? (Righteous Vindicator, Informant, etc.)
The herald of the unspoken, the representative of the questioned.. something inspiring.

What do you want? (Life-Goal)
To write THAT song. It will be a beautiful thing…

Personal Short-Term objectives?
To share what I’ve learned, what I know, what I see. To see parts of the world I haven’t seen, to talk to people with different beliefs, and lifestyles, and culture.

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