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Another Day, Another Dollar

I put my ear against the safe, listening to the quiet click that it made. I’d done my homework, and knew what I was up against before I even stepped across the gate outside. The safe put up a valiant effort, but was no match for me. ((Larceny roll: 2 successes)) I stuck a black-gloved hand inside the safe and pulled out a small Sumerian statue. I looked it over; this did look like what my client was paying me to retrieve. I wrapped it carefully and placed it in my bag, shutting the safe silently.

I rose, took a look around, and headed for the back door, moving through some shadows. A few feet from the door, I heard some voices over on the other side of the room, as a flashlight started sweeping the room. ((Stealth roll: 2 successes; contested with 2 successes)) I froze as the light crept closer to me, calling to my spirit side to hide me like I was taught when I was learning what I was really capable of. As the beam of light crossed over me, I hid in plain sight, a decoration in this German mans office. ((Blending roll: 2 successes, contested with 1 success)) One voice chided the other in German as the guard left the room. The second guard looked around the room, muttering what must have been his defense as he tried to find me. After a moment, he left as well, leaving me in the dark room.

I waited a moment, then relaxed a bit, and crept out the back door. I ran across the yard, and skipped out the gate, locking it behind me. Another job well done.

I hopped a red-eye train out of Germany, with a pit stop in France, and headed back to London to deliver the statue. The ride was long, but uneventful. When I got back to London the next morning, I headed straight to the rendezvous point. My contact pulled out a jeweler’s lens to examine the statue when I handed it to him, which would have concerned me a little more if I didn’t know that the mark had gotten the statue on the black market, and wouldn’t be reporting it missing. Still, it was a far from inconspicuous in the small coffee shop, and I shifted slightly in my chair.

After a minute, he nodded, put the statue in his bag, and sent a message on his phone. A few moments later, I received a notice of a wire transfer to my bank account for the agreed amount, and left. By the time I got back to my flat, I already had a message from Fat Tony.

“Ello, love. I know you’re not on a job, come visit me when you have a moment.”

There’s never a dull moment around here.

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